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thats great sir

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which Chiellini and Tevez, by +, Pogba is suspended. Tevez is the top scorer Juve with 15 achievements, and contributes to 30% of their goals Juve. He could miss the point of attack, because it is the player that pulls the juve + move. Pogba could also miss this team because it is according to several media reports, the best player at Juve 'exterior with an average score of 7.95! In the championship, Juve 11 points ahead of Roma, and has time to see it coming, so even if they were to lose points Saturday night, getting ! the Scudetto would not be questioned Despite their lead, Juve remains on three consecutive draws on the go including 2 against average teams championship: Cesena and Udinese! The coach Allegri will perform a turnover to rest its officers, and other Players may lack concentration and motivation! Pirlo, which is the hub of the team is still injured but would be fit Tuesday in Germany. Pirlo, Caceres, Asamoah, Romulo and Coman are not with the team. Bonucci and Chielini or may not be tenured and Evra. Liechsteiner be tenured him because he is suspended face Dortmund. For Palermo, this match will be their match Champions League! They will be keen to bring down the Great Juve! Gala match for this team had a great season after his recovery in serie A.



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