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NFL - Week 7 - Saison 2010-11

Posté le 18-10-2010 à 03:41:30  profilanswer

http://forum.sospronostics.com/mesimages/6549/nfl.jpg http://forum.sospronostics.com/mesimages/6549/nfl.jpg http://forum.sospronostics.com/mesimages/6549/nfl.jpg http://forum.sospronostics.com/mesimages/6549/nfl.jpg http://forum.sospronostics.com/mesimages/6549/nfl.jpg http://forum.sospronostics.com/mesimages/6549/nfl.jpg http://forum.sospronostics.com/mesimages/6549/nfl.jpg

SWF file

SWF file

Mise à jour des côtes : http://www.pinnaclesports.com/Leag [...] Lines.aspx
Blessés NFL : http://www.covers.com/pageLoader/p [...] uries.html

Sun 10/24 403 Pittsburgh Steelers  -3    2.010    1.667 OVER 41    1.952  
10:00 AM 404 Miami Dolphins  +3    1.917    2.360 UNDER 41    1.952
Sun 10/24 405 Cincinnati Bengals  +3.5    1.885    2.580 OVER 42.5    1.909  
10:00 AM 406 Atlanta Falcons  -3.5    2.040    1.571 UNDER 42.5    2.000
Sun 10/24 407 Jacksonville Jaguars  +9.5    1.935    4.610 OVER 37.5    1.935  
10:00 AM 408 Kansas City Chiefs  -9.5    1.990    1.238 UNDER 37.5    1.971
Sun 10/24 409 Philadelphia Eagles  +3    1.901    2.360 OVER 42.5    1.952  
10:00 AM 410 Tennessee Titans   -3    2.030    1.667 UNDER 42.5    1.952
Sun 10/24 411 Washington Redskins  +3    1.877    2.320 OVER 40    1.926  
10:00 AM 412 Chicago Bears  -3    2.050    1.685 UNDER 40    1.980
Sun 10/24 413 Cleveland Browns  +13    1.962    6.160 OVER 43.5    2.000  
10:00 AM 414 New Orleans Saints  -13    1.962    1.160 UNDER 43.5    1.909
Sun 10/24 415 Buffalo Bills  +13    1.901    6.230 OVER 40.5    1.980  
10:00 AM 416 Baltimore Ravens   -13    2.030    1.157 UNDER 40.5    1.926
Sun 10/24 417 San Francisco 49ers  -2    1.826    1.699 OVER 35.5    1.952  
10:00 AM 418 Carolina Panthers  +2    2.120    2.290 UNDER 35.5    1.952
Sun 10/24 419 St Louis Rams  +3    1.926    2.410 OVER 38    1.990  
10:00 AM 420 Tampa Bay Buccaneers  -3    2.000    1.641 UNDER 38    1.917
Sun 10/24 421 Arizona Cardinals  +6.5    1.971    3.520 OVER 40    1.952  
01:05 PM 422 Seattle Seahawks  -6.5    1.952    1.351 UNDER 40    1.952
Sun 10/24 423 New England Patriots  +3    1.840    2.250 OVER 48    1.962  
01:15 PM 424 San Diego Chargers  -3    2.100    1.725 UNDER 48    1.943
Sun 10/24 425 Oakland Raiders  +9    1.847    4.180 OVER 41.5    2.000  
01:15 PM 426 Denver Broncos  -9    2.090    1.274 UNDER 41.5    1.909
Sun 10/24 427 Minnesota Vikings  +2.5    2.040    2.230 OVER 44    1.980  
05:20 PM 428 Green Bay Packers  -2.5    1.893    1.735 UNDER 44    1.926

Mon 10/25 429 New York Giants  +3    2.110    2.530 OVER 44    1.952  
05:35 PM 430 Dallas Cowboys  -3    1.833    1.588 UNDER 44    1.952

Message édité par littleplayer le 22-10-2010 à 23:06:38

L'indifférence est le plus grand des mépris ...
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Posté le 18-10-2010 à 03:41:30  profilanswer

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Posté le 22-10-2010 à 14:07:44  profilanswer

Voilà les pronos de notre super pronostiqueur :  
San Diego -2.5 vs New England : Even though this game is on at 4, I'm posting it 1st because it is my Best Bet of the Week! This game couldn't be MORE up my alley! SD is the ULTIMATE Jekyl and Hyde team, Playing AWFUL on the Road and Very GOOD at Home!!! They happen to be coming off of 2-straight Road Losses where they were favored in both, so bettors are Very against taking San Diego and New England just came off a HUGE Home Victory against Baltimore... This game is set up so beautifully!!! The betting public is ALL Over New England thus far, picking them at a 72% Rate, and thats EXACTLY what I was hoping for!!! San Diegos 2 Wins on the Season were at Home and both blowouts, granted they weren't against the greatest of opponents, their play looked MUCH Better at Home. The Chargers Offensive and Defensive Stats "look" pretty good, their Offense AND Defense Ranking 1st in Total Yards AND Passing Yards and BOTH Sides of the Ball... So they Pass well and accumulate Yards well, while also Defending the Pass well... They also have the 5th highest Points Scored so they can Definitely put Points on the Board. Lastwk, I was shocked to see them struggle so mightily against St Louis, but again, this was on the Road and this week I think some "Home Cookin" is just what the Doctor Ordered!!! Phillip Rivers is an ELITE QB but I will admit the injury to Antonio Gates does concern me because Malcom Floyd is already Out of this contest so even though Rivers is ELITE, he needs to have Weapons. Legedu Nanee and Patrick Crayton will look to be Rivers Go-To Options in the Passing Game, with Floyd Out and Gates "practicing", with the intent of Playing... at Worst, Gates should atleast "play" and be a very good diversion. New England's Defense hasn't been very good this season, in-fact their Primary Weakness has been their Passing Defense, as they Rank 29th against the Pass, 30th in Total yards allowed, and 25th in Points Allowed, meaning they are prone to allowing A LOT of Yards/Points through the Air. Their Offense Ranks Tops (or near the Top) in A LOT of the same Categories so thats why they've had success thus far, but I expect SD to slow-down the Top-Rated Offense, atleast enough to Win this Contest. I expect this game to "Potentially" become a shootout between 2 of the Leagues Premier QBs, so for those who Bet totals, 2 Elite Passing Teams, Both Top 5 In scoring, Over 47 seems like a pretty good Bet to me!!! With that said, Im ONLY playing San Diego for now! (Laying 3-Units on the Chargers)  (20/23)
Tampa Bay -2.5 vs St Louis : St Louis has played considerably well at Home this season, but they're 0-2 on the Road (they arent quite the jekyl and Hyde status of the Chargers, but they are Good at Home and Winless on the Road). The two opponents that they Lost to on the Road were Oakland and Detroit, so its not like they've faced 'stiff opponents' on the Road, infact those 2 opponents were 'pretty bad' teams. Tampa Bay did get Blown Out lastwk by New Orleans but I think everyone can understand why N'awlens, one of their Division Rivals, was able to handle the Bucs so badly, the Saints were 'due' for a Breakout Game and Tampa Bay was Exactly what the Doctor ordered for them... I do not hold that Loss against TB, infact their 2 Losses were to NO and Pittsburgh, whereas their 3 Wins were against Cleveland, Carolina, and Cincinnati. So in other words, TB knows how to beat the 'bad teams' but isn't quite good enough to beat the 'good teams'. While I do think St Louis is a 'pretty good' Home Team, they're pretty shabby on the Road. I expect Tampa Bay to force A LOT of errors out of the Rams offensive unit, Sam Bradford is DEFINITELY the "Real Deal" but he is infact a Rookie and Tampa Bays Defense will Force him into looking like a typical 'error-prone' Rookie. I expect TB to force 3+ Turnovers and I plan on them protecting the ball. This game will be Won by the team who Protects the Ball and Wins the Field Position Battle, as I fully expect TB to have GREAT Field Position all afternoon and they should be able to capitalize with "atleast" FG's, transitioning some of them into TD's, I expect something like a 26-13 Win by the Home-Team. I like Tampa Bay here... ( Laying 1-Unit on TB)  (18/17 ...)
Carolina +3.5 vs San Francisco : San Fran FINALLY Picked up Win #1 on the Season! ....and now theyre Laying Points on the Road!?Really!? Carolina's NOT a very good football team, infact they might be worse than the 49ers but they are coming off their bye-week and theyre at Home. Plus, Steve Smith expects to be healthy and back in action this week, so they finally have their biggest offensive threat back suited up and ready to play. Im not too concerned with who starts at QB for them, either Claussen or Moore, its pretty much pick your poison here but the most important thing is who can hand the ball off the best and throw screen passes to Smith. Though I expect them to throw the occasional deep ball to Smith to keep the Defense honest, they're coming off their bye-week and should have had enough time to gain some chemistry with their #1 WR. Carolina still has their 2-Headed Rushing Attack to lean on and I expect whoever is QBing to have a Heavy Dose of handoffs and tosses to the ELITE RBs on the Panthers squad. Both backs will be 100% rested with 100% fresh legs and they should be able to just pound the ball All Day Long... Despite their AWFUL play thus far, Carolina does Rank 5th Against the Pass and 12th in Total Points, so they can Defend quite well and should Alex Smith be forced to "keep up", he could run into some trouble against Carolinas underrated Pass Defense. Many view SF as a "Good Rushing Team", who only passes when they have to, when infact they only rank 28th in Rushing Offense and 15th in Passing Offense, so they Pass A LOT more than youd expect ( ...even though this might be due to the fact that they're playing catch-up quite often). Plain and Simple, the 49ers should NOT be Favored on the Road, no matter who their Opponents are!! The funny thing about this is that the Betting Public is "almost" 70% on SF, but I completely expect Carolina to get this one done infront of their Home Crowd... When a team Runs as well as the Panthers do, giving them 3-Pts at Home, coming off a Bye-week, seems like a Solid Play to me... (Laying 1-Unit on Carolina)  (23/20)
Philadelphia +3.5 @ Tennessee : Both teams are coming off Big Wins, one against the Jags and one against the Falcons. Kolb looks to be Starting for the Eagles for his 3rd Consecutive Week, giving him yet another Week to pickup the Eagles Aerial Attack. The Eagles have proven that they can Win on the Road, Collecting 3 Road Wins in ALL 3 of their Road Games, whereas Tennessee hasn't been one of those Home Teams who is "untouchable" at Home, infact they've suffered Both of their Losses at Home. This Eagles team might be the Best team that the Titans have played so far. They played Pittsburgh before Big Ben returned and the Giants in Wk3 before they started playing well. When you look at how well this Eagles Team has been playing, it "might be" the best opponent they've played so far. Phillys Defense is Top 10 in all the "primary" defensive stats, so they should be able to limit Tennessee's already mediocre Offense. Its no surprise that Tenn's Offense is predicated around the Run, as they Rank 3rd in Rushing Offense but 29th in Passing Offense and 26th in Total Yards. Phillys Rushing Defense is solid enough to slow down Tenn's Rushing attack, as they Rank 8th... Tennessee's Defense is ok, but IMO, this Eagles attack is the best offense they've faced yet. I expect the Eagles to continue to be Road Warriors and improve to 4-0 on the Road.... (Laying 1-Unit on Philly)  (19/37. Philadelphie qui mène 19/10 à l'orée du 4e QT avant de s'écrouler - 27 pts encaissés en 10' !!)
Seattle -5.5 vs Arizona : Seattle is another one of those teams who plays Great at Home, but poor on the Road (despite their BIG Victory against Chicago lastwk) and Seattles 12th Man on Defense is a BIG Part of that reasoning!! Arizona's been mediocre on the Road, posting a 1-2 Record with their 2 Losses being blowout Losses to SD and Atlanta, allowing 41 Pts in BOTH Contests, while scoring 7 and 10 respectively... Arizona's Defense is just AWFUL, as they Rank in the bottom 5 of the League in Every Single Important Defensive Stat (Rush, Pass, Total Yds, and Points). Their Offense hasnt been much better and their QB Play has been a big reason for that! They have attempted to Rush the ball more this season but haven't been able to bc teams are just stacking up against the Run and forcing their Awful QBs to beat them... and its NOT happening!! Seattle's Defense Ranks 2nd against the Rush and I expect them to not only shut down Arizona's Mediocre Rushing Attack, but I expect them to also force whoever is QBing into A LOT of mistakes. Seattle has added Marshawn Lynch to a football team in need of a "real" Every Down Back and Lynch has already proved in his Career that he can be that workhorse. He's now had 2 weeks to fully learn Seattles Offense and should look a lot better in this contest. I expect Seattle's Offense to look "crisp" and "complete", posting Solid All-Around Numbers, Passing and Rushing, while also playing "Stout Defense"!! A lot of this Offensive Production will be because of how bad Arizona's Defense is, but nevertheless, I expect Seattle to look really good and post a Solid, all around football game and I think Arizona notches ANOTHER Blowout Loss to Seattle this Sunday!!! (Laying 2-Units on Seattle) (22/10)

Message édité par littleplayer le 25-10-2010 à 08:53:44
el mexicai​n
Posté le 22-10-2010 à 18:06:06  profilanswer

Carte qui ne m'inspire guere... J'y reviendrai demain, mais pour l'instant seul l'over entre SD et NE me saute aux yeux.

Posté le 23-10-2010 à 10:57:11  profilanswer

Son bet sur les Chargers ne m'inspire guère. Quand je vois la liste de blessés côté Chargers, je me pose des questions. Maintenant c'est vrai que le fait d'être @ home va les aider.
Les Eagles n'ont pas D-Jax et les Titans sont sans VY. Je ne trouve pas évident.
Le seul truc où je me vois suivre c'est Seattle.

Posté le 23-10-2010 à 21:23:13  profilanswer

bigpimpin a écrit :

Son bet sur les Chargers ne m'inspire guère. Quand je vois la liste de blessés côté Chargers, je me pose des questions. Maintenant c'est vrai que le fait d'être @ home va les aider.
Les Eagles n'ont pas D-Jax et les Titans sont sans VY. Je ne trouve pas évident.
Le seul truc où je me vois suivre c'est Seattle.

Bonsoir à tous  
par rapport aux units qu'il joue, on s'apercoit qu'il mise plus sur
San Diego ( 3 units)
Seattle ( 2 units )
simple remarque ..  

Posté le 23-10-2010 à 22:08:57  profilanswer

Non pis c'est pas Dieu le père non plus. Ses analyses sont souvent pertinentes, mais le libre arbitre existe toujours.
Seattle me semble bien. C'est le seul de ses 5 bets où j'adhère. Sinon je vais partir sur les Steelers face aux Phins.

Posté le 23-10-2010 à 22:54:13  profilanswer

Jusqu'à présent, je l'ai suivi les yeux fermés. Pour ce Week 7, je vois à peu près tout l'inverse de lui (c'était déjà le cas sur certains matchs la semaine dernière et au final, c'est quand même lui qui avait raison ...). Méfiance donc : je vais prendre ses choix mais en divisant par 2 mes mises ...

L'indifférence est le plus grand des mépris ...
el mexicai​n
Posté le 24-10-2010 à 06:46:41  profilanswer

Bon, finalement mes 2 principaux bets de la semaine sont des unders. Cela ne m'arrive pas souvent, donc profitez-en  
1- Pittsburgh @Miami: début de match qui s'annonce comme super défensif. Les Steelers, c'est leur force donc on est habitué. Concernant Miami, ils vont vouloir verouiller pour rendre le match serré et privilégier un petit score. La victoire pour eux passe en effet par la défense et par la gestion du terrain lors des possessions adverses et lors des punts. La stratégie devrait donc l'emporter sur le jeu, du moins lors des 2 premiers quarts. La fatigue des lignes défensives pourrait ensuite venir brouiller les cartes. A noter aussi que Miami va pas mal jouer au sol lors des 1ers drives, ce qui va aider a bouffer le chrono. Je trouve le cut particulierement haut (je l'aurais vu autour des 17.5 pts) donc je saute sur:
Under 20.5 points HT
2- San Francisco @Carolina: les locaux sont pathétiques en attaque, ca on commence a le savoir. Une moyenne de points sur l'année desastreuse, fruit d'une jeu aérien médiocre et d'un manque d'agressivité au sol. La "surprise" vient des 49ers qui éprouvent de grosses difficultés dans ce domaine depuis le début de la saison. Smith n'est pas extraordinaire et hormis Gore, le reste n'est pas loin du néant. Enormément de flags récoltés en 1ere ou 2eme opportunité viennent écourter les drives et ainsi fovoriser l'under. Je vois bien un match comme la semaine derniere (OAK@SF), avec pour commencer des locaux assez frais de part leur week de bye qui arriveraient a contenir l'attaque des 49ers. Une bonne vingtaine de minutes d'échange de politesse en somme,  ponctuée par de nombreux punts. La maladresse des QB et l'indiscipline venant completer le tableau d'un premier acte ennuyeux au possible. Dans ces conditions, le cut proposé en devient value. Je ne pense pas voir plus de 13 pts lors de la 1ere moitié de ce match, ainsi:
Under 17.5 points HT

Message édité par el mexicain le 24-10-2010 à 06:47:24
Posté le 24-10-2010 à 10:40:59  profilanswer

quel book propose ces paris Under 17.5 points HT car bwin sagoo et eurosportbet niet

Posté le 24-10-2010 à 11:15:53  profilanswer

scream68 a écrit :

quel book propose ces paris Under 17.5 points HT car bwin sagoo et eurosportbet niet

normal, Bwin, Sajoo et Eurosportbet ne sont pas des books    :pouah:   :fail:
Essaye Pinnacle peut être  :o

Posté le 24-10-2010 à 11:20:09  profilanswer

ok merci je viens juste de regarder justement pinnacle c bon les paris sont bien dispo:-)

( ︶︿︶)_╭∩╮
Posté le 24-10-2010 à 12:01:34  profilanswer

Par contre je crois que c'est Moore qui start pour les Panthers, ils seront un peu plus dangereux que prévu car Clausen... voilà quoi.

In Soviet Russia, books bet you!
Posté le 24-10-2010 à 15:12:49  profilanswer

Oui Moore en starter et normalement retour de Smith (WR).
Qq un a des stats sur les résultats des équipes en retour de bye???      

Posté le 24-10-2010 à 15:18:29  profilanswer
Posté le 24-10-2010 à 15:31:49  profilanswer

  Merci cela peut aider!!
Qui sera le QB starter des Jaguars  :??:

Posté le 24-10-2010 à 15:40:27  profilanswer

nounours a écrit :

  Merci cela peut aider!!
Qui sera le QB starter des Jaguars  :??:

Surement Bouman, et Edwards si ca va pas

Posté le 24-10-2010 à 15:59:58  profilanswer

Décision du starter juste avant le match pour moi entre Bouman et Edwards......
Buffalo at Baltimore
over 13.5 pts pour Buffalo
Bon, victoire facile de Baltimore; enfin j'espère puisque je compte sur un relâchement en fin de partie pour voir le 2ème TD de Buffalo marqué et ainsi dépassé le cut. Le 1er sera marqué à la fin du 1er et au début du 2ème quart temps....Vous voilà prévus.  :D  :D  
Après j'hésite:
Arizona +7.5.....mer.., Seattle fav de 7 pts  :heink:    
Carolina...bon, on va finit par gagner un match.... :sweat:

( ︶︿︶)_╭∩╮
Posté le 24-10-2010 à 17:15:29  profilanswer

Steelers-3 me parait pas mal, Miami c'est franchement pas fou.

In Soviet Russia, books bet you!
Posté le 24-10-2010 à 17:49:02  profilanswer

Sans forcément jouer, loin de là dans un match comme ça, je suis plus sur Miami chez eux.
Les Steelers, ont assuré sans Big Ben, c'est vrai, mais sans briller, et j'espère bien un match de mer.. de Big Ben.
les Dolphins, eux on sent bien qu'ils ont également un gros potentiel, mais n'ont pas eu 2 cul dans leurs 2 matchs contre les rivaux en AFC East.
même si 3 points n'est rien, méfi pour moi

Posté le 24-10-2010 à 18:28:31  profilanswer

Je vais me contenter de
Over 41 @ 1.800 pour Eagles @ Titans
Les Eagles marquent beaucoup,  meme sans Jackson, kolb aura des soluce, dans la def des Titans. et en face Johnson marquera je pense quelques points, ( en fin de match). Je ne peux pas me prononcer sur l'issue mais je pense à pas mal de points.
Ravens -10 @ 1.833 contre les Bills.
Les Bills sont surement la pire équipe de cette saison, pour le moment, et les Ravens vont pouvoir dérouler, la défense ne restera pas longtemps sur le terrain. Ils vont avancer trés bien au sol, et aussi avec Flacco. Peut être un ou 2 TD des Bills mais ils ne tiendrons pas le match.
une petite folie sur
Rams +4 @ 1.769 chez les Buccs
Les Rams progressent mine de rien, Bradford prend confiance, libérant Jackson, il peut compter que quelques bon WR et la défense reste dans le match et ne se fait plus déposer comme avant. Les Buccs eux, ont un bon bilan en gagnant contre les Panthers, Browns et Bengals (qui se sont auto tués), chanceux selon moi, et se sont fait manger contre Pitt et NO. Ils ont la 2e pire défense au sol. de la place pour Jackson

Message édité par jupap7 le 24-10-2010 à 23:56:24
Posté le 24-10-2010 à 18:59:50  profilanswer

Steelers + Titans ce soir pour moi @ 2,85
Les steelers assez largement au dessus des Dolphins selon moi et pour les Titans j'ai suivi le prono de Ditka sur ESPN. Kolb a eu de bonnes stats la semaine dernière mais j'aime vraiment pas ce QB
Patriots et Packers en soirée

Message édité par kkstooge le 25-10-2010 à 09:52:33
Saut du pont du Gard
Posté le 24-10-2010 à 19:44:42  profilanswer

Bets2win avait-il la même réussite l'an dernier :??:  35-11 depuis le début de la saison si j'ai bien compris

Message édité par stiss33 le 24-10-2010 à 19:45:06

Rugby, volley, hand, basket européen et politique tu chargeras ; foot, tennis, hockey, MLB, NHL et NBA tu ne joueras que de petites mises.
Posté le 24-10-2010 à 20:28:06  profilanswer

Tain Nounours, ton Overs Team Bills  :D  :D

( ︶︿︶)_╭∩╮
Posté le 24-10-2010 à 23:00:59  profilanswer

Lol, en fait le mec de covers a eu du cul pendant 2 semaines. C'est vraiment un gros fake :o

In Soviet Russia, books bet you!
Posté le 24-10-2010 à 23:19:16  profilanswer

Van_Fanel a écrit :

Lol, en fait le mec de covers a eu du cul pendant 2 semaines. C'est vraiment un gros fake :o

jaloux ! Personne ici n'a fait le quart de ce qu'il a fait en NFL cette saison (moi y compris of course) ...

L'indifférence est le plus grand des mépris ...
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